“I really wasn’t sure what to expect and wasn’t fully convinced that this experience would have any real impact at all. I was BLOWN AWAY!!! It was such an intense but positive experience.  Since that session, I have felt a noticeable difference that is hard to describe. The best I can do to describe it is, I feel better about myself and overall I feel more at peace. I am very glad I gave this a try and would highly recommend hypnotherapy with Jon to anyone. It was a very good experience that has had a positive impact on me.” VL

Anxiety & Depression

“What an interesting and healing experience I had in your office the other week, thank you! Things are different now, hard to explain, but there is a definite change in how I handle all stress.  I have experience more joy since the session as well.  Again, thank you for the learning experience! ” FK

Anxiety, Coughing

Just wanted to say thank you again for your generosity in seeing me last night.  Driving home I could LITERALLY feel the energy in my body re-adjusting (for lack of a better word) and moving.  I am so excited to see how this helps my cough after bidding it adios last night LOL. AL Portland June 2018


“I’m so pleased with the 2 hypnotherapy sessions. It’s amazing how such gentle technique can change my behavior. It’s just extraordinary! I’d like to continue.” Anonymous

“After my first session, this insomniac slept like a log that night. The following day I noticed many subtle shifts in my habit patterns. I sat in an unfamiliar chair while watching TV, I drove a bit more consciously, I felt like making my bed in the morning & I tackled some difficult billing issues with the cable company. Individually the list may seem inconsequential but grouped together: a wonderful beginning!” Mary T

Pain Migrane Headache

“Am slightly holding my breath – haven’t had a headache in over 2 weeks!!! I had 2 hypnosis sessions and look forward to continuing as an opportunity to alleviate migraine headache pain. By the second session there was some pain relief as well as a wonderful sense of relaxation! The possibility of utilizing self hypnosis particularly interests me. Highly recommended.” AD

“At 70, after many years of suffering from anxiety and depression, as well as panic attacks, I began hypnotherapy. My wish was to let go: of old beliefs, habits, traumas, and of the debilitating belief that I need to be in control. Within a few weeks, I was able to practice going into a state of deep relaxation  on my own, when I wished.  The anxiety has decreased significantly, and I have had more energy,  and more positive responses to life’s challenges. There has been a definite shift in attitude,  with interior space for kindness and compassion, both toward myself and toward others. My general health has improved over the past couple of months.  I am grateful to be able to access an inner peace I did not know was possible for me.  This makes such a difference in how I can cope with  the challenges of life, and of being human.” Jude- Portland, OR – September, 2017

“I have had chronic knee pain for many years and most recently arthritic pain in my hands as well…Recently I lost 80 lbs with the use of hypnosis. It worked so well that when the opportunity presented itself, to use hypnosis for my chronic pain, I jumped at the chance. My first pain management session was very successful. My pain level was between eight or nine out of ten when we started and was down to about 4 or 5 in just one hour! The second session was even better, from a solid seven down to a zero. I still have trouble keeping pain free but with more sessions I know I will be able to make it last longer and longer. I truly recommend this form of healing for pain. Even my doctor has encouraged me to continue with this therapy.” Bill – Portland, OR, – June, 2017