Hypnotherapy in PDX

Metropolitan Portland and her surrounding burbs have a surprisingly robust community of ‘alternative’ wellness providers.  Historically, Portland has been a national hub for chiropractic and alternative health education and is home to a number of nationally recognized teaching institutions.  This adds up to a rich community of healers and alternative providers to augment one of the nation’s leading networks of traditional medical providers as well as colleges.  What a town!

We love practicing here and look forward to expanding our services in conjunction with other healers, specifically in the area of chronic pain management and the anxiety and stress that most often underlies or exacerbates the pathology of suffering and pain.

There are so many people who suffer from lower back issues, migraine headaches, and other pathologies that have an uncertain causative diagnosis. Examples are fibromyalgia, lupus, Irritable Bowel Syndrome etc., all of whom seek help and relief.

A unique distinction of hypnotherapy in this kind of treatment is the ability to ‘return to cause’ in alleviating, or even eliminating, the pain syndrome.  This is possible primarily by ‘re-wiring’ the brain’s pain signals through a process of guided meditation in collaboration with the patient while in a hypnotic state. Their conscious or ‘critical’ mind has been distracted- allowing for a concentrated focus of attention on those elements in the subconscious mind that harbor the initial causes of the chronic pain.

Chronic pain is simply defined as pain that exists in the absence of any physical damage or pathology, like a pain in the knee when no problems can be found to account for that pain.

As a follow up to hypnosis address, a most valuable tool for a pain sufferer is the array of self-hypnosis techniques that can be used by the sufferer to ‘dial down’ the pain, and to gradually learn to control the pain signals all on their own.