Relieve Chronic Pain

So many of us suffer needlessly from chronic pain and the anxiety that comes with it. Through professional hypnosis, chronic pain can be effectively reduced or even vanquished. If you suffer from lower back pain, migraine headaches, arthritis related pain, fibromyalgia, and other painful conditions – imagine finding relief without drugs, and being armed with simple techniques that can help you keep pain at bay for the rest of your life. We will show you how.

The use of hypnosis for pain management has rapidly increased with recent findings that hypnosis can reduce the pain (and costs) associated with medical procedures. (See HYPNOTHERAPY FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF CHRONIC PAIN, an article published in the National Institution of Health Findings.) And given the harmful consequences of long-term opioid use, many people are seeking healthier, alternative treatments for pain.

At NW Hypnotherapy the alleviation of chronic pain and anxiety is our main focus, and the core subject of our ongoing study and professional practice.

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